Here’s what you missed

Climb into the driver’s seat

A scary mentality invaded my psyche at ages 22 and 26: I was wishing my weeks away.  I was working jobs that didn’t call on my skill set and lacked professional recognition, so much so that I was losing my sense of self.  My wake up call was when I began...

Shorts of summer

  Several years ago, I set a very realistic resolution: wear more dresses.  A few years later, you couldn’t wrestle me out of dresses in the summer months.  Unfortunately, this also came with its setbacks: Marilyn Monroe moments at Bay & Bloor....

What are feelings?

I am tempted to dump a load of pictures on this page and have you piece together the story.  But I won’t, because you would miss the sweet stories behind some of the moments that filled my heart and nourished my soul. Editor’s note: It’s entirely...

Live the life you want

It’s time you took ownership to cultivate a life you love.

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