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Pillow talk

It’s important to me to keep this space one of meaningful, authentic and honest writing.  But sometimes we are at our limit for self-improvement, reflection and deep thoughts. We have to break free. My solution? Sleep, it has always been sleep.  When stress...

Slow Living

Is a slow living entrepreneur an oxymoron? Not around here. Fall is a brilliant time for slow living as the cooler mornings creep in and “to do” lists grow exponentially.  My body has been calling out for more attention.  (No, not like that.)  My neck and...

You Do Woman

A new friend gifted me the ultimate compliment this week.  This person turned to me and said, I love the way you do woman.   Take my word for it when I say there was no trace of flirtation, no dance with flattery.  Just a burst of honesty that made me sizzle. The...

Climb into the driver’s seat

A scary mentality invaded my psyche at ages 22 and 26: I was wishing my weeks away.  I was working jobs that didn’t call on my skill set and lacked professional recognition, so much so that I was losing my sense of self.  My wake up call was when I began...

Shorts of summer

  Several years ago, I set a very realistic resolution: wear more dresses.  A few years later, you couldn’t wrestle me out of dresses in the summer months.  Unfortunately, this also came with its setbacks: Marilyn Monroe moments at Bay & Bloor....

What are feelings?

I am tempted to dump a load of pictures on this page and have you piece together the story.  But I won’t, because you would miss the sweet stories behind some of the moments that filled my heart and nourished my soul. Editor’s note: It’s entirely...

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