Here’s what you missed

What are feelings?

I am tempted to dump a load of pictures on this page and have you piece together the story.  But I won’t, because you would miss the sweet stories behind some of the moments that filled my heart and nourished my soul. Editor’s note: It’s entirely...

Pay it forward Tuesday

The intention of today’s post is not for reflection or deep soul-searching.  I’d exhaust you if that was all I ever talked about. Today’s post is for my Nana who nourished my soul on an average Monday night.  I was welcomed into her home with chicken...

I’ve come home

I owe you an explanation. I have been cheating on you with something BIG.  I’ve been dreaming up my future and it’s so bright! I went back to school. I pulled the trigger pretty quickly but at the same time, it has been thoughtfully planned for 27 years....

Live the life you want

It’s time you took ownership to cultivate a life you love.

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